Auriol Trail, Kluane National Park – Yukon

Discover the Auriol Trail: A Winter Wonderland Adventure in Kluane National Park

Welcome, Winter Warriors, to the virtual exploration of the Auriol Trail in the heart of Kluane National Park! Tie your shoes and join us on a thrilling journey through this 15 km winter wonderland.

Setting Off:
Picture yourself at the trailhead, just 7 km south of Haines Junction on the Haines Highway. The crisp Yukon air fills your lungs as you embark on a half to a full-day loop, with the possibility of an overnight adventure for the daring spirits.

Scenic Highlights:
As you traverse the Auriol Trail, the scenery unfolds like a living postcard. The footpath leads through a mixed boreal forest, offering glimpses of open meadows, ideal moose-spotting zones, and enchanting wetland areas.

The Loop Dilemma:
At the 2 km mark, the trail branches into a loop. Will you choose the left side for a more gradual climb or the right for steeper slopes and extra viewpoints? Decisions, decisions!

Sub-Alpine Splendor:
Ascending through spruce forests, the trail opens up to sub-alpine terrain, treating you to breathtaking views of the Auriol Range’s majestic peaks rising from the alpine landscape. Keep an eye out for a rock glacier, the source of a meandering creek.

A Night Under the Stars:
For those venturing into the night, a primitive campsite awaits at the 7.3 km mark. Imagine resting by a fire pit, under Yukon’s star-studded sky, surrounded by the hushed whispers of the forest.

Bear Country Caution:
Nature enthusiasts, be aware! The Auriol Trail is bear country, with bear-resistant food canisters and wilderness permits mandatory for overnight stays. Keep your eyes peeled for these majestic creatures and follow safety guidelines.

Scenic Overlooks and Beyond:
Continue your virtual trek through spruce forests, passing several viewpoints and signposts leading to established viewpoints. Marvel at the panoramic sights, including Haines Junction, the valley, and the Ruby Range Mountains.

A Journey’s End:
As you cross the 12.8 km mark, only 2 km from the parking area, savor the accomplishment of your winter adventure on the Auriol Trail. Congratulations, Winter Warrior, for virtually conquering this stunning trail in Kluane National Park!

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